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Pedagogy and Psychology

Literacy training for preschoolers at the present stage

Published December 2022
Северо-Казахстанский университет им. М.Козыбаева

The article deals with the problems of teaching literacy to preschoolers at the present stage. The authors are of the opinion that literacy training should be carried out in several directions: the development of the child's oral speech (phonemic hearing, sound analysis), the development of mental processes (memory, thinking, attention), the development of fine motor skills. The content of these areas is based on the principle of continuity of education. The issues of the development of phonemic hearing of preschoolers, the development of sound pronunciation, the development of sound analysis, as well as work on linguistic concepts are considered. Examples of teaching methods used in classes on the basics of literacy with preschoolers, as well as exercises for the development of mental processes are given. The results of the survey are presented with a number of methodological problems identified in the process of teaching literacy to preschoolers. Attention is paid to the training of educators: the study of disciplines at the university should have an intra-module and inter-module connection, and the study of methodological disciplines should take place with elements of dual education.

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