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Pedagogy and Psychology


The purpose of the journal is to highlight the content and research results of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of preschool, primary, secondary and higher, postgraduate education.

The tasks:

- to create a wide field for professional communication of domestic and foreign teachers and psychologists;

- to disseminate  information on the latest scientific research of Kazakhstani and foreign scientists in the field of education, science, culture and art;

- to popularize of domestic experience in order to attract the attention of the international community of teachers and psychologists, cultural and art workers to the achievements of Kazakhstani scientists, new educational technologies in the field of higher, secondary, general, additional and professional education;

- to familiarize the results of fundamental and applied research on topical problems of education;

- to promote the high quality of pedagogical, psychological and professional education in Kazakhstan, corresponding to the modern international level of training of teachers and psychologists.

Frequency: 4 times a year.

Volume: 300 pages.



This section was prepared based on the materials of the International Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

The editors of the journal "Pedagogy and  psychology " in their work adhere to international standards of ethics of scientific publications, developed and approved by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and takes into account the valuable experience of reputable international journals and publishers.

The editorial staff of the journal does everything possible to comply with the ethical standards adopted by the international scientific community and to prevent any violations of these standards, both in their own work and in relationships.



All articles submitted to the editorial office of the journal "Pedagogy and psychology" are tested in the "Antiplagiat" system. In case of detection of numerous borrowings, the editors act in accordance with the rules of the International Publication Ethics Committee (COPE):

- notifies the author (s) of the availability of borrowings;

- receives confirmation of the notification from the author(s);

- rejects the article.


All articles must undergo double-blind (anonymous) reviewing.

The materials submitted for consideration and not published data cannot be used by members of the editorial board / council and reviewers in personal research without the Author(s)  written consent .

The results of the peer review are confidential. Reviewers, in the event of a conflict of interest, are not allowed to review the manuscript.



The scientific and methodological journal "Pedagogy and  psychology" joins the Budapest Open Access Initiative and provides free access to content to all readers in accordance with the principle that free access to the results of scientific research contributes to the popularization of domestic experience, attracts the attention of the international community, develops science and education with a global exchange of research.



The cost of editorial and publishing services for the prepress of a publication (proofreading, layout, metadata verification of articles, etc.) is 700 tenge for authors from Abai University and 1000 tenge for third-party authors for each A4 page.  The payment is made only after receiving a positive review and the decision of the editorial board of the journal to publish the article in a particular issue.

The volume of the article (excluding MRSTI, title, information about authors, annotations and keywords) must be at least 2100 words and not exceed 5000 words (from 6 to 16.0 pages, 1 page is approximately 300-350 words).

The Articles of scientists invited to cooperation are published free of charge.

Annual subscription to the journal is welcome



DOIs are assigned to all articles, authors (optional) are registered in the CrossRef database. DOI registration – 2000 tenges per article, registration of one author in the CrossRef database – 2000 tenges. The payment should be made by transferring to the bank account of the University with the mark «Рayment for DOI».