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Pedagogy and Psychology

Journal policy


The purpose of the edition is to highlight the content and results of the researches by domestic and foreign scientists in the field of preschool, secondary, technical and professional, higher and postgraduate education.


- creation of a wide field for professional communication of domestic and foreign teachers and psychologists;

- dissemination of information about the latest scientific research of Kazakhstani and foreign scientists in the field of education, pedagogy and psychology;

- popularization of domestic experience in order to attract the attention of the international community of educators and psychologists to the achievements of Kazakhstani scientists and new educational technologies;

- familiarization with the results of fundamental and applied research on current problems of education, pedagogy and psychology.


Release frequency: 4 times a year. Volume: 300 pages.

Starting from the 3rd issue of 2023, all scientific articles are accepted and published only in English.


Thematic directions of the journal:

- Innovations and problems of development of modern education

- Psychological and pedagogical problems of training specialists

- Current problems of inclusive and special education.


* Note: the thematic directions of the journal have been changed since the 3rd issue of 2023.



All articles are accepted through the journal's website. All articles must contain at least 2 links to works published in journals indexed in the Scopus database (percentile not lower than 70) and Web of Science (not lower than 1st and 2nd quartiles - Q1 and Q2). One author can submit an article no more than twice a year. One author cannot publish more than one article in one issue.

All articles undergo double-blind (anonymous) peer review.

All articles submitted to the editorial office of the journal "Pedagogy and Psychology" are checked for borrowing materials in the «Антиплагиат» system (license), the threshold level is 70%. If necessary, the article can be double-checked by the editorial board in the StrikePlagiarism, Turnitin system. Illegal borrowings and improper quoting, increasing the originality of the text using technical and other unfair methods are not allowed.

All journal articles are assigned DOI numbers, and authors (optional) are registered in the Crossref database.

All articles must be properly formatted and carefully edited in APA 7 Style format. The Editorial Board reserves the right to select articles for inclusion in the journal, shorten texts and make necessary changes to them without the consent of the authors. The authors of published articles are responsible for the accuracy of the facts. The editorial point of view may not coincide with the opinions of the authors of published materials. Articles rejected by the editorial board are not re-accepted or considered.

Texts of articles must be uploaded in your personal account on the journal’s website. To check the article for borrowing materials please upload: the full article in pdf format for review, the article without full name and affiliation in MS Word format for the anti-plagiarism system.

Review of a scientific article takes from 1 to 6 months.



The editorial board of the journal "Pedagogy and Psychology" adheres to the international standards of ethics of scientific publications, developed and approved by the Committee on Publication Ethics – COPE, and takes into account the valuable experience of reputable international journals and publishers. The editorial board of the journal does everything possible to comply with ethical standards adopted by the international scientific community and to prevent any violations of these standards both in its own work and in relations with all participants in the process of scientific publications: authors, reviewers, editors, publishers, distributors and readers.



All articles submitted to the editorial office of the journal "Pedagogy and Psychology" are checked for borrowing materials in the «Антиплагиат» system (license), the threshold level is 70%. If necessary, the article can be double-checked by the editorial board in the StrikePlagiarism, Turnitin system. In case of detection of numerous borrowings, the editorial board acts in accordance with the rules of the International Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE):

- notifies the author(s) of the presence of borrowings;

- receives confirmation of the notification from the author(s);

- rejects the article.



All articles are double-blind peer-reviewed. The materials and unpublished data submitted for consideration may not be used by members of the editorial board /editorial board and reviewers in personal research without the written consent of the author(s). The results of the review are confidential. Reviewers, in case of a conflict of interest, are not allowed to review the article.



The journal «Pedagogy and Psychology» joins the Budapest Open Access Initiative and provides free access to the content of the issues of the journal to all readers in accordance with the principle. Free access to the results of scientific research contributes to the popularization of domestic experience, attracts the attention of the international community, develops science and education in the context of a global exchange of research.




The authors pay 30,000 (thirty thousand) tenge for each article. The price includes: payment for the publication of the article, assignment of a DOI number, registration of authors in the Crossref database.


Payment is made by transferring money to the bank details of KazNPU named after Abai OR through the mobile application.

1) Payment via money transfer to the bank details of KazNPU named after Abai marked "for the publication of the article":

НАО Казахский национальный педагогический университет имени Абая

БИН 031 240 004 969

АО "БанкЦентрКредит",

Расчетный счет KZ178560000000086696

Кбе 16


2) Payment via the mobile application:



Institute (Payment of employees/other persons)

Course (Payment of employees/other persons)

Type of payment (Publication of the article)

In the comments, specify "Payment for the publication of the article"

The payment receipt is sent to the WhatsApp number of the technical secretary of the journal.