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Pedagogy and Psychology

Quantum chemical texts as part of pedagogical content

Published 06-2022
КазНПУ имени Абая
КазНПУ имени Абая
Кокшетауский университет имени Ш. Уалиханова
Кокшетауский университет имени Ш. Уалиханова

This article shows the possibilities of creating high-quality pedagogical content to increase the level of
information transfer from the learner to the student, i.e., such forms of pedagogical reflection, which are an
important component of pedagogical activity. Pedagogical activity is not a direct influence of one person on
another, but their direct interaction. Therefore, the pedagogical process is the object of pedagogical activity,
and the student assumes the position of a subject of pedagogical activity from the object of influence. In the
current environment, every teacher deals with the task of providing a better presentation of material to students.
Considering this process in the higher segment of the educational system, makes it possible for university
teachers, who teach exact and applied subjects to use a method of presentation based on the application of
quantization of educational texts. The use of quantized educational texts to improve the quality of learning is
justified by the good perception and successful assimilation of educational information by both students and
teacher s to update professional knowledge in accordance with the requirements of the time. The article presents
a more detailed analysis of the efficiency of quantization technology, which was conducted among the teaching
faculty of Kokshetau University named after S. Ualikhanov.

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Ескендирова А., Корганбаева Ж., Шаяхметова А., Нурмуханбетова Н. Quantum chemical texts as part of pedagogical content // Pedagogy and Psychology. – 2022. – № 2(51). – С.258–265: DOI: 10.51889/2022-2.2077-6861.28 [Электронный ресурс]: URL: (дата обращения: 25.05.2024)