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Pedagogy and Psychology

Psychological and pedagogical online support families at school during the pandemic

Published June 2022
Атырауский университете имени Х.Досмухамедова

This article examines the whole issue of updating the psychological and pedagogical online support for parents and their children during the pandemic. Students face difficulties in organizing an individual educational trajectory, mastering educational material in online

lessons, they experience a lack of visual communication. Parents are in charge of constant control over the results of students' educational work. Both the school and the family must work closely together during the quarantine restrictions.

Considerable attention is paid to the organization and conduct of online lessons, where subjects distance learning are immersed in the virtual process of interaction in the conditions of information but-educatornoah environment. The author describes the features of this form of education in the psychological and pedagogical support of schoolchildren.

The main content of the research is an analysis of the joint activities of the school and the family, determined by the common goals, objectives and methods of school and family education. In this relationship, the effective integrity of the pedagogical process, the social position of the parents is affirmed. Consistency is produced on the part of teachers and parents, structure the parent-child relationship.

The idea is substantiated that distance forms of psychological and pedagogical family support determines the boundaries of possible actions, as a result of which prospects are created for the physical, mental and behavioral development of schoolchildren, the formation of their educational motivation and cognitive activity. Psychological and pedagogical competence and technical skills in working with Internet resources are required from teachers and parents, leading to effective achievements in the upbringing and education of schoolchildren.

Keywords: psychological and pedagogical online support; distance learning; online lesson; information and educational environment; information interaction; individual educational trajectory; constructive positive attitude; individualization and differentiation of education.

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