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Pedagogy and Psychology


Published September 2023
Abai University

The main purpose of our research work is to identify and examine the impact of school bullying on pupils' academic achievement. Our study examined how teachers handle the behavior and situations of bullying in middle school. The research showed that bullying behavior is more prevalent in and obviously the bullying is rising, and more training is needed for teachers and middle school staff to recognize and manage bullying among pupils. The relevance of the study is connected with the increasing problems of adolescents in recent years. The manifestation of children’s aggressive behavior in communication with each other requires special attention. The manifestation of the phenomenon of "bullying" in schools and colleges raises strong concerns. Despite the extreme importance of the bullying problem in schools and colleges, little research on the topic has been presented so far. "Bullying", which is a serious problem, has become widespread in Kazakh society in the last ten years. However, Kazakh information about it in the media, especially in the Internet space, is extremely rare. This research project examines the concept of bullying, bullying frequency and types, bullying location, bullying consequences, and prevention strategies for anti-bullying at school. The research method is based on the questionnaire and semi-structured interviews.  Fifty-four participants were recruited for the questionnaire and 3 educators took part in interviews. This research begins with a review of the literature on the topic, the methods used, and the outcomes of our study.

Keywords: academic achievement, bullying, influence of bullying, pupils, school.



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Akimbekova S., Kulekenova Z., Yeshimbetova Z., Agabekova B., Arystanbekova B. IDENTIFYING THE IMPACT OF BULLYING IN SCHOOL // Pedagogy and Psychology. – 2023. – № 3(56). – С.40–47: DOI: 10.51889/2960-649.2023.15.3.004 [Электронный ресурс]: URL: (дата обращения: 12.07.2024)