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Pedagogy and Psychology

Organization of online education in view of the COVID pandemic

Published December 2022

The situation related to COVID-19 has led to the need to review the principles for selecting relevant educational content. One of the actual requirements for foreign language education at the university is the focus on developing the readiness to understand, use and evaluate media products in a foreign language. In accordance with these requirements, the higher school teacher must be guided by the current trends in foreign language education. The pandemic has made adjustments to the process of organizing teaching, ways of organizing pedagogical interaction. In the distance educational process, an increasing place is taken by the organization of interactive communication between teachers and students.

The purpose of this research is to study the features of the organization of distance education (using the example of teaching English) in the context of the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. One hundred and twelve undergraduates studying at Toraighyrov University filled out the questionnaire. The results showed that the majority of undergraduates believe that the existing instructions and the educational resources provided do not help or do not help enough to develop professional competencies. The majority of respondents indicated that they do not use or do not use enough smart resources appropriate to their level of preparedness to improve the quality of education in the context of distance learning. These studies can be useful for adjusting educational programs for bachelor's and master's degrees in order to better meet the needs of students.

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