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Pedagogy and Psychology

Development of translation competence of pedagogical students

Published 09-2022
КазНПУ им.Абая

Necessity of evidence based educational process of teaching staff training in general academic school in Kazakhstan, including usage of achievements in the field of translation studies, linguodidactics, theory and practice of intercultural professional communication, has appeared as a part of adoption of English language of study.

Scientific review of the debatable issue of the structure of translation competence and the criteria for distinguishing its components in foreign and domestic literature, is provided in this article.

The author proposes a model of translation competence for pedagogical students as future teachers of major subjects in English. This integrative translation competence includes: subject competence, which demonstrates the application of subject knowledge in the field of taught disciplines, linguistic competence, which involves the implementation of the English language in the professional pedagogical field of communication, and integrates strategic competence, which allows the use of theoretical and procedural knowledge from the field of translation studies in the process of teaching school students.

It is noted that the given model will form the conceptual basis of the author-developed training course on the theory and practice of translation for students of pedagogical specialties of Abai University. The formulated integrative structure of translation competence is open, and shall be clarified and approbated in the educational process of training teaching staff.

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