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Pedagogy and Psychology

Organization of Competence-Based Students' Individual Work of Pedagogical Specialties

Published June 2021
Северо - Казахстанский университет имени М.Козыбаева


 In the modern world in higher educational institutions, the problem of organizing students' independent work is one of the most urgent. The student must have not only knowledge, but also make decisions independently, strive for success in professional activities, apply a creative approach to any business, and raise the intellectual level. That is why the independent work presupposes the development of students' skills to clearly formulate their own thoughts, argue their judgments, think logically, and know the numerous flow of information. The implementation of these skills is possible when organizing a competence-based students' individual work , which affects the professional sphere of future specialists And the construction of a competence-oriented SIW in the form of a model that includes motivational, performance, reflexive, control stages is based on: a) the inherent value of the student; b) the conditionality of the professional orientation of the content of education by future teaching activities; c) c) orientation of professional education towards the individual experience of the student; d) the advanced nature of professional training; e) correlation of the technology of professional training with the patterns of professional becoming of the teacher's personality.



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