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Pedagogy and Psychology



The authors pay 30,000 (thirty thousand) tenge for each article. The price includes: payment for the publication of the article, assignment of a DOI number, registration of authors in the Crossref database.


Payment is made by transferring money to the bank details of KazNPU named after Abai OR through the mobile application.

1) Payment via money transfer to the bank details of KazNPU named after Abai marked "for the publication of the article":

НАО Казахский национальный педагогический университет имени Абая

БИН 031 240 004 969

АО "БанкЦентрКредит",

Расчетный счет KZ178560000000086696

Кбе 16


2) Payment via the mobile application:



Institute (Payment of employees/other persons)

Course (Payment of employees/other persons)

Type of payment (Publication of the article)

In the comments, specify "Payment for the publication of the article"

The payment receipt is sent to the WhatsApp number of the technical secretary of the journal.