Instructions for authors поиск Serach

Original, previously unpublished articles corresponding to the thematic focus of the journal are accepted for publication. All articles are checked for plagiarism and double-blind peer review. If the fact of publishing a published article in other scientific journals is revealed, the article is subject to the retraction procedure.

  1. To send materials, you need to register (create a personal account).
  2. In your personal account, open the "Sent materials" tab and use the "New Material" to enter the "Send article" menu.
  3. Stage "Start":
  • select the language of the material (the language of the article);
  • select a section from the drop-down list;
  • check all the points of the requirements for the submitted material;
  • fill in comments for the editor (if necessary);
  • check the boxes for accepting the terms of copyright transfer;
  • save and continue working.
  1. Step "Loading the material":
  • select the article component (the article for anti-plagiarism), download the file in PDF format and continue working;
  • edit the title (if necessary) and continue working;
  • add another file or complete the download, then save and continue working.
  1. Step "Entering metadata":
  • fill in the title in three languages;
  • fill out annotations in three languages;
  • add co-authors (if available) via the "Add Support" option (full name, contacts, country, author role, the contact person etc.);
  • fill in keywords in three languages, save and continue working.
  1. The "Confirmation" stage:
  • complete the submission and confirm or cancel and edit the previous stages.
  1. Stage "Sending the material is completed":
  • receive an email notification, view the material, create a new material or return to your personal account.

The authors are notified about all the actions of the editorial board on your article by means of messages. Authors can also track the stages in their personal account and correspond with the participants of the workflow.

It is necessary to implement the recommendations of the editorial board in a timely manner and comply with the established requirements and deadlines.